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Solvent Delivery & Waste Collection

Solvent distribution in most labs remains a holdover from the 1950s; solvents enter in one-gallon containers and wastes are removed in one-gallon containers. Unfortunately, current laboratory practices no longer tolerate this archaic method of solvent handling. Solvent use in today’s labs is increasing which translates to even more competition for critical lab space. In order to provide a safe and cost-effective solution to this industry challenge, IES has created SolventSpense™. SolventSpense is an efficient solution to a complex and dangerous problem. It is modeled after a common soda fountain, but instead of dispensing cola and root beer, it dispenses acetone, methanol and four other “flavors” of solvents in a safe environment—complete with waste collection and fume extraction.

For a visual demonstration about how SolventSpense works in a laboratory environment, please see the following video demonstrations: