Integrated Engineering Services (IES) was awarded the PG&E Savings by Design Award for achieving a 6.4 Million kwh annual power savings; the largest single meter savings in the history of PG&E. This award was given to IES based on their innovative work for TDK MagIC Technologies’ Class 1 and Class 10 Cleanroom Research and Development facility and support functions located in Milpitas, California.

In order to achieve maximum power savings, IES specified premium efficiency motors with variable frequency drives, and light fixtures with high efficiency ballasts. In addition, IES was responsible for the innovative design of the raised floor system in the cleanroom with reduced air flow velocities, which minimized static pressure losses and therefore power consumption. The result of this design translated into significant power savings for the MagIC Facility.

As a prime consultant for TDK MagIC Technologies, IES had comprehensive engineering responsibility from the pre-planning phase through design, permitting, construction, commissioning and operation for this project. In addition, IES provided overall project engineering management, MEP design and Hazmat consulting.