IES provided comprehensive and complete construction documents, permitting support, and construction support for the installation of bulk solvent distribution and waste collection system for Biosearch’s high throughput oligonucleotide synthesis.

BioSearch Technologies Oligo Synthesis Lab

Client:BioSearch Technologies

Location: Petaluma, California

Team (Partners)
Architect: The 5th Resource Group, LLC
General Contractor: Devcon Construction

Project Duration
Design & Permit: 5 months
Construction: 10 months

Project Valuation
$500,000 – $1,000,000

IES Solutions


  • IES’ design included direct feed solvent delivery systems to support high throughput oligonucleotide synthesis utilizing proprietary chemistries and robotic platforms. The two high usage solvents were supplied from remote 1250L IBC’s, four medium usage solvents from 200L remote containers and various RNA-DNA amidites from 50L vessels.
  • The design also included a vacuum extraction and solvent waste condensation system to collect solvent waste from numerous oligonucleotide synthesis robotic platforms to a remote bulk waste tote collection system while meeting strict BAAQMD air emission standards.


  • IES’ design included an advanced and complex real time control system capable monitoring several different physical states of the process, unique alarming indicators to assist equipment operators to quickly identify any process upset, troubleshoot the cause of the process upset, and be able to repair, replace, or isolate individual systems to ensure the maximum efficiency and uptime of the manufacturing process.
  • hpm systemsIES’ subsidiary – HPM Systems, Inc. designed, built and commissioned the complex process control and emergency alarm systems utilizing a PLC based controller with graphical interface and remote process monitor for critical pressure display and tracking, along with a variety of explosion proof and intrinsically safe electrical power and instrumentation.