The Lab Expansion project was a large expansion of the fermentation, recovery, and granulation processes for DuPont. An entirely new Suite was created for 14 Liter Small Scale Recovery processes.

IES was the prime consultant and provided mechanical and process piping design for the four lab suites and supporting office/utility spaces.

DuPont, Inc. Lab Expansion

Client: DuPont, Inc. 

Location: Palo Alto, California

Team (Partners): 
Architect: Perkins & Will
Structural: Rivera, Inc.

Project Duration: 
Design & Permit: 12 months
Construction: 8 months

Project Valuation: $5,0000,000 – $10,000,000

Project Details

  • Retrofit 20,000 sq. ft. of existing lab spaces to expand large and small scale fermentation, recovery, and granulation processes.
  • Enzyme aerosol ventilation study for local exhaust hoods. 
  • New HVAC for Small Scale Recovery
    • 25,000 cfm makeup air unit and associated exhaust fan
    • Chilled water capacity study. New chilled water and heating hot water laterals.
    • Collaborate with DuPont scientists to develop custom Millipore Bench and Buchner walk-in hoods.
  • HVAC retrofits of Large Scale Fermentation & Recovery
    • Converting recirculating air handling systems to single pass air by retrofitting fans, coils, filters, and pneumatic controls with digital. · HVAC retrofits of Granulation
    • Adding room pressure equipment and controls to the Granulation suite, and retrofitting associated central air handling unit.
    • Designed the Granulation scrubbed exhaust local hoods, ductwork, and pressurization scheme around the limited capacity of the existing venturi scrubber.
  • Process and utility piping design to support the new process vessels and equipment including Steam & Condensate, Compressed Dry Air, Hot & Cold Glycol, Heating Hot Water, DI Water, Industrial Cold & Hot Water, Process Vacuum, and Contained Drains.

IES Solutions

  • Coordinated all phases of design, permitting and construction

  • Coordinated x-ray surveys to determine locations of abandoned trenches required for use in new lab expansion.

  • Developed custom Millipore wet bench, lab panels, utilities rack allowing for flexible operation. 

  • Coordinated tie-ins that eliminated shutdowns and process interruptions. 

  • Coordinated new mezzanine suspended support structure to access new VAV boxes and utilities in the previously inaccessible areas of the mezzanine.