The BioIsoprene™ project is a joint effort between DuPont, Genencor and Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company using biological processes to produce precursor compounds for synthetic rubber manufacturing.

IES provided complete design & construction drawings for the fermenter and recovery skid installation and provided complete Construction Management services for the installation of the Bioisoprene recovery skid and tower.

Genencor DuPont Industrial Bioscience Biolsoprene Synthesis

Client: Genencor DuPont

Location: Palo Alto, California

Team (Partners)
Architect: Oculus Architects Structural: Rivera, Inc.

Project Duration Design & Permit: 16 Months Construction: 2 Months

Project Valuation
$1,000,000 – $5,000,000

Project Details

  • Retrofit existing lab spaces to allow the installation of several fermentation vessels with chemical feed and controls units
  • Install sample recovery hood
  • Design and install abatement system
  • Design and install isothermal piping collection and distribution system to prevent condensation
  • Design classified area electrical services for new power feeds and dedicated transformer devices
  • Coordinate all phases of design, permitting and construction
  • Extensive and Complex PHA team support

IES Solutions

  • Facilitated initial Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) study to establish the basis of design and controls.
  • Provided EH&S Construction Safety.
  • Negotiated with City for permit issuance on this difficult to permit installation, the first of its kind in Silicon Valley.
  • Assuming GC role achieved a savings of 25% off construction costs.
  • Precision placement of cast-in-place anchors to match recovery tower footings from an international vendor, allowed complex dual crane lift installation to proceed without delays and rework.
  • Coordinated tie-ins that eliminated shutdowns and process interruptions.
  • Sizing and selection of Isoprene abatement unit.
  • Coordinate process and field installation with skid manufacturer.
  •  Absorption towers, reactors, heat exchangers, scrubbers and other ancillary equipment
· Railcar and truck offloading, and Truck Loading station
  • · Multiple Tank Farms
· MCC (Motor Control Center) and control room
· Utility systems including: Cooling tower, steam boiler, Compressed Air and waste treatment systems