IES designed a wastewater treatment plant for two separate sites including vacuum distillation systems. One of the sites included a recycled water system to send the recovered water to the cooling tower for reuse.

Confidential Client in Silicon Valley Wastewater Treatment and Recycling

Client: Confidential Client

Location: Silicon Valley, California

Team (Partners) 
Wastewater System: Wastech Mechanical Contractors: Therma; Murray  

Project Duration Design & Permit:  5 months Construction:  3 months

Project Valuation Site 1: $2.5 M Site 2: $1.5 M

Project Details

  • IES was the prime design consultant from project conception, ROM estimating and payback analysis, through project completion for both sites.
  • Both sites were previously collecting and off-hauling their metallic waste streams and spending over $1,000,000 per year on those costs.
  • Site 1 design for 2,000 gallon per day batch system with pH adjust, vacuum distillation, and recycled water systems.
  • Site 2 design for 1,500 gallon per day batch vacuum distillation system.
  • After installation of the systems IES designed, both sites are recovering more than 80% of their wastewater as distilled water.
  • One of the sites includes controls and piping needed to recycle the water by sending the distilled water directly to the cooling tower.
  • Process, Process Piping, and Hazardous Materials Design.
    Process Controls collaboration with design build process control contractor.

IES Solutions

  • Validation and proof of concept for selected wastewater system
    • Wastewater survey of all lab users to understand current and future wastewater constituents
    • Write wastewater sampling plan and review sampling results
    • Samples tested in benchtop test for proof of concept prior to detailed design commencing
  • IES design for pressure testing integrated into equipment
  • Participated in “What-If” hazard analysis and wastewater application with Client’s EH&S representative.
  • Attend factory acceptance test of equipment on behalf of Client.
  • Detailed sequences of operation detailing every aspect of the system operation to assure smooth startup and commissioning activities.