As MEP and Hazmat consultants, IES provided detailed engineering design and code consulting service for the MOCVD and Materials Science Laboratory expansion. Our engineering team led the effort in designing specialty gas storage, distribution and abatement systems and Industrial Ventilation systems in compliance with the latest codes and ordinances and in conformance with the Campus Fire Marshal’s requirements.


UC Santa Cruz Thin Film & Materials Science Lab

Client: UC Santa Cruz 

Location: Santa Cruz, California

Team (Partner) Architect: WHL Architects

Project Duration Design & Permit:  12 mo. Construction:  12 mo.

Project Valuation

Project Details

  • Retrofit 3,000 sq. ft. of (E) Class-100 Cleanroom into a MOCVD and Materials Science Lab.
  • Designed Makeup Air and Industrial Ventilation Systems and a corrosive exhaust system.
  • Designed specialty toxic, flammable and pyrophoric gas storage and distribution systems.
  • Designed Toxic, and Specialty Gas, and Hazardous Materials Monitoring & Control System.

IES Solutions

  • Converted two existing Cleanroom recirculating air handlers into 100% Makeup Air Handling Units.
  • Designed a new industrial ventilation system to:
    • Maintain less than ½ IDLH of toxic gas upon accidental release.
    • Maintain less than 25% of the LEL of flammable and pyrophoric gases in exhaust ductwork in the event of an accidental release.
  • Designed a dry scrub toxic and pyrophoric gas abatement system.
  • Incorporated Hazardous Materials transport and delivery path monitoring with the toxic gas monitoring system to comply with the Campus Fire Marshal’s requirements for transporting HPM’s through an emergency exiting corridor.