IES, acting as prime consultant, conducted a complete physical Hazardous Materials Inventory Survey of HSE, HSW and MSB buildings at the Parnassus campus facility. Working with Oculus Architects and Jensen-Hughes Fire Protection the team then completed a floor-by-floor evaluation of building occupancy, life safety and fire protection provisions and developed recommendations for site improvements.

Project Details:

  • Conduct physical survey of hazardous materials storage and use of all 46 floors, resulting in over 13,000 chemicals identified, classified and categorized for occupancy review.
  • Review archival plans and evaluate existing facility to identify fire-resistive construction elements, egress provisions, occupancy and use; Prepare life safety plans and provide recommendations for building occupancy improvements.
  • Evaluate archival plans and conduct inspection of existing fire protection coverage and system design capacity; Prepare hydraulic analysis of existing system and provide design criteria and recommendations for system upgrades to support planned facility and occupancy improvements.

IES Solutions

  • Provide recommendations for improving compliance with hazardous materials regulations, including: Chemical storage techniques, Handling and use of hazardous materials to lower risks, Hazardous inventory tracking and Identification, Central storage and pharmacy concepts, Annual clean-out and disposal recommendations.
  • Present existing building occupancy analysis and design recommendations for building occupancies, with B-Occupancy labs on the lower level and L-Occupancy labs on the floors more than 3rd story above grade plane.
  • Present fire sprinkler design analysis and recommendations for fire pump, system pressurization and looped systems to support floors more than the 9th story above grade plane.

UC Davis Kemper Engineering & Physics Lab

Client: UC Davis

Location: Parnassus Campus

Team (Partners)
Architect:  Oculus Architects
Fire Protection:  Jensen-Hughes 

Project Duration
Phase 1 HMIS & Occupancy Evaluation:  12 months
Phase 2 Life Safety Design Development:  6 months